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Booking Policy

  • Competitions can be booked on either the Swallow or Mill Pools.

  • The Kingfisher Pool is always pleasure fishing only.

  • Competitions bookings for 2013 now being taken.  

  • Pleasure fishing only in the old closed season.

  • Minimum costs Mill Pool - £52.50 plus £3.50/peg after 15 pegs

  • Minimum cost Swallow Pool - £70 plus £3.50/peg after 20 pegs

  • Minimum costs don't apply Dec - Feb


  1. Open 6.30am to Dusk

  2. Adults £4, Juniors £3 (Inc. VAT)

  3. £1 discount after 4pm



  6. Only barbless hooks, no method feeder hooks

  7. No hooks larger than No. 14

  8. No Keep Nets or Floating Poles

  9. Landing nets must be used.

  10. All fish to be returned to pools

  11. Children under 16 only with an Adult

  12. No dogs or radios.

  13. All visitors to Woodston Manor, whether fishing or not, do so entirely at their own risk.  

  14. The owners accept no responsibility for any damage, accident or injury of whatsoever kind or nature

Records & Information

The largest daily competition catch was 21st July 2002 on Mill Pool FH Lloyd AC caught 

1st Prize 208lbs, 2nd 108Lbs & 3rd 88lbs (by a 12 year old)

Pool Gossip

This is what other clubs and fishermen have to say about the pools





Went to woodstone this afternoon arriving at 3-30,after hauling my tackle over the hill,and people who have been will know what I mean,I got to the waterside,I went to the far pool think its called swallow,I have fished here many times before but was suprised to see the outlet pipe on the swallow pool had been removed,I always like fishing that peg at the end of that pipe,I decided to fish the peg to the right of where the pipe used to be,sat there with the sun shining down on me it was a faboulous day,decided to fish at 5 meters,put 2 cup fulls of small copped meat in with a small amountt of pineapple corn mxd with it,went directly on the top of it and sat there,not much really happened for a while so I plumed up 2 margin pegs either side and started to feed them as well.
after about 1/2 hour the float slid away and presto first carp was on the way,a nice mirror of about 4lb or so,I had noticed that the margin peg immediatley below me had started to colour up and I had seen some swirls,I managed to leave this for a while longer and persivered at 5
meters.Not alot happened again for about 20 minutes then away the float went and another nice carp was netted this time about 5lb or so.
I fed up agan on the 5 meters line and both margin pegs,then started to fish the margin in front of me,after about 3/4 minutes the little dibber float bobbed twice and then bang the elastics on its way.Another carp about 4/5 lb safely netted,went in on the margin peg again and nothing obviously spooked em,at this stage I tried the margin peg to my left which was a bit deeper,first drop in and a fine mirror carp of 7/8 lb it was running riot,lovely fish that was,everytime I fed the margin pegs I was also feeding the 5 meter line and was dropping in from time to time to have a look,,,,both margin pegs had fish coming in and out of them but they were proving a bit finicky with all the disturbance,Went out at 5 meters again and presto they had arrived,really started catching everytime I went in,4 of them about 8 lbs a piece or so,had a really great few hours packed up at 7-30 and estimate I had over 100 lb in the session.....The fish were really fit and fought like tigers even at this time of the yea


Winner 132lbs 12oz (copy link to browser)

Winner 128lbs


Midland Angling News 3rd August 2006
'1/2/3 It’s The Abbotts Family
The Netherton, West Midlands, based Abbotts family, are match fishing mad, dad Paul, wife Jackie and sons Martin and Ryan, are all members of Lodge AC the club has matches each month, on various venues, around the midlands.
The family have done well with match wins and frame placings between them, with Jackie having beaten all the male club members, including her ‘boys’ on one match previously with an outright win at Elmbridge Fishery, Droitwich.

The clubs most recent match, at Worcestershire big weight venue, Woodston Manor, saw 30 club members turn out, split between the venues two carp filled pools.
Mom and the two boys had decided on an all out heavy feeding regime at the start of the match and Jackie, Martin and Ryan all came armed with 20 tins of sweet corn and one tin of meat, to attack their pegs!
The plan was to start and continue feeding heavily, to draw and hold the venues carp in their pegs and from start to finish, all the other club members watched in amazement, as Mom Jackie, 16 year old son Martin and 13 year old son Ryan, matched each other bite for bite, fish for fish, throughout the five hours of a match which was to go down not only in the clubs, but maybe even in match fishing history!

Martin Abbott’s fish looked like the better quality specimens, but with the Woodston Manor carp being notoriously hard fighters, it was difficult to say at the halfway mark who had the more weight, Ryan had about the same amount of fish, but he was sure Mom Jackie was beating both of them, due to a couple of real specimens she dropped into the net at the four hour mark, with all of them continuing to catch right up to the final whistle, none of the 30 Lodge AC members new who had won, it was going to be close!

First to weigh in, was Mum Jackie, with three weighs a grand total of 113-8-0 was written down on the clipboard, putting the Abbott angling lady well in front so far, the next Abbott family member to weigh was youngster Ryan, who had lost a few at the net in the last hour, another three weighs saw him move into 1st place with an exceptional weight for a 13 year old, of 116-15-0.

Now most of the anglers present, had never heard of a family posting a 1/2/3, certainly not a Mom and two teenage sons that’s for sure, and as the scales neared 16 year old Martin, everyone thought it was impossible that the other Abbott family member, would weigh in enough to also get himself into the top three, but Martin had stepped up to feeding even more in the last hour, in all he used all the 20 tins of sweet corn and was down to his last piece of meat for the hook!
The bigger sized fish, had proved decisive as the 16 year old, after four weighs incredibly broke the club record, won the match and topped an incredible Abbott family achievement, when he weighed in 190-4-0 to give the ‘A Team’ an amazing and possibly unique piece of match fishing history!
Dad Paul finished with 48-0-0, for 20th place, but he did catch the biggest fish of the day, a carp of 10-5-0, you just couldn’t make it up could you!

pre 2006

17th November 2005 Golden Maggot AC

16th October 2003 Golden Maggot AC

4th July 2002 Golden Maggot AC

1st Nov 2001 Golden Maggot AC